Spencer and Megan Are Now Team AI?

When it comes to AI music, typically Megan and Spencer don't agree. If an artist has passed on - they don't feel that it's right to use their voices in AI for music releases.

But since Randy Travis has now released a single using AI - they have changed their minds.

Randy Travis has experienced health issues, that have essentially taken his voice from him. So he took samples from all of his music and wrote a song then allowing AI to essentially create his voice for the song.

Spencer and Megan didn't expect to be on board with an AI release, but they are all in.

Will this be something that extends to all genres and artists? What if an artist like Shania Twain had the opportunity to do this when she faced health problems - or maybe Celine Dion may consider this?

How do you feel about this? Let us know!

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