Spencer Has to Decide if Dating is Worth Losing a Barber

Spencer decided to try two new things this week.

  1. A new barber.
  2. Facebook dating.

After hitting it off with someone on FB dating, Spencer shared that he was excited because his new barber cut his hair perfectly - Spencer has been trying to find a barber he really likes for almost a year.

He was shocked when his new lady friend was upset by this, telling him that a barber at his new barber shop had a part to play in her divorce. She said that the barber was the other woman in her last marriage.

Spencer now is struggling with what to do - should he find a new barber even though he has only been talking to his woman for a week or so?

Megan says yes. She thinks Spencer should definitely find a new barber if he wants to continue talking to his new love interest.

What should Spencer do? Let us know!

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