Man Claims to Be Megan Terry's Husband and Takes Her Grocery Order

Megan's groceries were jacked last night after placing a grocery pick up order.

Someone claimed he was her husband and took the groceries. Megan had splurged on steaks and twice baked potatoes and after the man took off with her groceries, the store was short on the potatoes.

Megan usually loves grocery pick up because its fast, and usually effortless. This trip ended up being the opposite. She ended up going in to re-shop for her items and the 15 minute trip ended up taking over an hour.

Meg was disappointed because whoever took her order should have known that someone else would be affected by taking their stuff. In this day and age with the cost of groceries, its sad to see this happen.

Let us know if you have ever had an order or pick up taken!

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