Spencer Didn't Realize He Needed to Clean Out His Vacuum

Spencer had a mind-blowing realization that he needs to clean his vacuum. He didn't know this was something people often did.

Megan scratched her head at this because she didn't realize there were people who didn't know this needed to be cleaned. But then got to thinking about how she had never seen the top of her refrigerator nor thought to clean it until someone tall told her it was filthy.

It turns out there are many things people take the time to regularly clean that others just don't understand or care to do so.

Our friend Jennifer said that she meticulously cleans her dishwasher every two weeks. She scrubs down the inside and carefully cleans and disinfects the filter.

A maintenace working friend said he washes his working gloves each day before he washes his hands at lunch. He said if he's fixing someone's plumbing he doesn't want that residue on another person's furniture assembly call.

Another friend of ours says she has to clean the washing machine agitator weekly. She says that this gets so dirty, and she can't stand the thought of washing her clothes in that.

What do you always clean that other people just don't understand? Let us know!

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