Holiday Fiasco's We Could've Done Without

Spencer decided to make the 8 hour drive to Missouri for the holiday, and on the way he got a flat tire. He ended up getting lucky with a quick patch job he was on his way.

Our friends weren't as lucky with their holiday fiascos.

Micha said he was duck hunting and a kid decided to drive a side-by-side...right into his truck. The kid drove it right up into his bed causing $1500 in damages.

Lorie said that she travelled out of state to visit family with her 4-year-old granddaughter. The problems seemed to never end. At first, she couldn't get gas because her debit card was flagged for purchases out of state. Then Lorie got a flat tire. She was so fed up with the situation that instead of getting it fixed she stopped at each gas station on the way to put air in her tires.

What crazy things happened to you over the holiday? Let us know!

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