Megan Gives Spencer a List of Rules for Concert Attire

Spencer asked Megan about concert fashion, and now he's contemplating his choices.

Spencer wanted to know if he should wear an old band tee of the artist preforming, to the show.

Megan said no, it's cringey.

Spencer then asked if it was okay to wear a shirt you just purchased from the merch table.

Megan said yes, that's okay because who wants to carry that around all night - but just because that's okay doesn't make it cringey still.

Then Spencer asked a question that Megan answered with more conviction - Spencer wanted to know if he could wear another band t-shirt in the same genre. Megan said no no no! Do not do this unless it is a classic.

Do you agree with Megan? Or is Spencer in the clear to wear his band tee?

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