Spencer Received an Unusual, Intimate Package

Spencer had a package delivered to his house, addressed to the previous owners. Spencer contacted the past owners and said he would put it out on the front porch if they wanted to stop by and pick it up.

But then it happened again. The previous owners said that they had attempted to change their address through this site four times, and at this point they were so annoyed they told Spencer to just keep it, or toss it. They also included a message saying - by the way, this was a gag gift for a Secret Santa.

Spencer opened the gift to find some, very unusual intimate items inside.

Now that Megan is a new homeowner, Spencer can't wait to see what accidental mail Megan gets. Spencer said in the past, he had a ton a Christmas cards come in - so he put up all of the Christmas cards up in his house because he couldn't just throw them out.

What weird mail have you received? We want to know!

@mrspencergraves @itsmeganterry @spencergravesshow

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