The Spencer Graves Show is Collectively the Worst Attendees to a Potluck

This year for our company Thanksgiving potluck, Megan asked Spencer what he is bringing.

Spencer said that he chose something he feels is in character for him, because he doesn't cook. Spencer is bringing plates and cups.

Megan was appalled by this, especially since these items are already being provided. The real reason Meg was amped up about this, is because she is moving into her new house and thinks Spencer should have left the 'easy side' for her to bring.

After teasing Spencer for his 'side' he asked Megan what she's bringing. Meg said that she is bringing a can of cranberry sauce and ONE packet of Kings Hawaiian dinner rolls.

...But she needs Spencer to bring a can opener.

Tell us what you bring to a company potluck!

@mrspencergraves @itsmeganterry @spencergravesshow

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