The Haunting Story of Birmingham's Tutwiler Hotel

In 1914 the Tutwiler Hotel was built as an attempt to get America's Iron and Steel Institute to hold it's convention in Birmingham. At the time, the Tutwiler was one of the best hotels in the entire country.

With grandiose ballrooms, and a large capacity limit the Tutwiler was a staple of the Birmingham area.

It was later torn down and replaced by a bank before finally being able to reopen as the marvelous, now historic hotel.

Despite the new construction, guests have experienced more than they ever expected.

Ghostly reports of seeing apparitions in paintings, and hallways is by far the mildest of these reports.

A bartender working in the hotel closed up one night and then was reprimanded by his supervisor for leaving the lights on all night. When the bartender told his boss he is certain that he turned the lights off, the both of them were skeptical of what was happening.

After several nights of this happening, the bartender was called by his boss saying that he needed to come to the hotel and see what had happened, for himself.

When the bartender arrived, he was shocked to find a full meal prepared and ready for a feast. They came to the conclusion that Colonel Tutwiler (whom the hotel was named after) had some how done this, from beyond the grave.

Ever since hotel employees say 'Good night Colonel, please don't make a mess' and it hasn't happened again.

Tell us about a time you experienced something haunted!

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PS while writing this blog, I attempted to email myself a photo I took of the Tutwiler Hotel and my email was freaking out. The image was glitching so badly and would not allow me to send it. I ended up being able to screenshot this photo and get it sent, but it seemed pretty spooky to me.

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