Rules are Killing Halloween

Laws around Halloween time are really making this holiday less fun.

HOA rules about lights, and sound and the times that these can play make Halloween night less eventful.

Spencer said that he was busted one time for his Halloween make up.

Spencer worked in a haunted house where he had to get in character. After going through a Taco Bell drive through after his shift, he was pulled over by the police who said they received a complaint from the Taco Bell. There was a law at the time stating that people could not drive a vehicle with an abundance of face paint, because it hides their identity. Spencer explained he was just going home from work and didn't know about this law, and fortunately he was just issued a warning.

Our friend Debbie said that there's laws at certain establishments prohibiting dancing which is awful for Halloween festivities.

Megan shared that their boss told us that certain neighborhoods are giving out tickets and only people with a ticket can trick or treat there.

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