Would You Stay in a Loveless Marriage for the Kids?

Maren Morris has filed for divorce from her husband Tyler Hurd. With this on our minds, we wanted to know how people see divorce with kids. Do you stay in a loveless marriage for the kids?

Spencer and Megan have not ever been married, so they have feelings about the situation without experience.

Our friends have said a variety of things from their own experiences.

Our friend Corey said that he believes that if there isn't any abuse, or legitimate toxicity in the marriage - looking inward at yourself and remembering why you love the person you married is key. He said that you can find a new love in your spouse to keep it going.

Another friend of ours said that she believes no one should continue on in an unhappy marriage regardless of the reasons why. She said that she experienced blow back from family members during her divorce because she had 3 children at the time. After her divorce our friend said it was actually the best decision for both of them.

We want to know what you think!

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