Do We Really Have to Check Our Children's Halloween Candy?

Spencer Graves asked Megan Terry today if her parents ever found anything suspicious in her Halloween candy.

Megan and Spencer both said they've never had an issue other than some fuzzy old candy pieces.

Spencer thought that checking candy started as a scam for parents to choose their favorite candies from their kid's stash.

Megan said although this may be true now, the origin story on checking Halloween candy is actually scary.

Megan told Spencer about a man who poisoned pixie stix in his child's candy resulting in the child's death in the 1970's. True crime fans know this story as the Candy Killer.

Spencer was shocked that A) Megan knew about this off the top of her head, and B) that such a horrific story would be real.

This could be why we are all programmed to check the candy before letting children eat it...but it's nice to get our own picks from their Halloween candy stashes, too.

Have you ever found anything questionable in Halloween candy? Let us know!

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