Megan Doesn't Want to Share Her New Tattoo on Spencer Graves Show

Megan came in this morning with an embarrassing tattoo. She got her place of employment tattooed on her arm that says 'Spencer Graves Show'.

Our friends supported Meg by sharing the reactions they received for their tattoos. Heather said her family was so mad at her for getting a memorial tattoo for her grandmother - her mom didn't speak to her for two weeks.

Mike said his family was very against tattoos and piercings so when he got his first tattoo and piercing his mom saw them and didn't speak to him for a month.

Spencer decided that we need Megan's dad's opinion on this matter, so we gave him a call.

Megan's dad wasn't as shocked as many would have thought but he was just like why would Meg do that.

After hearing her dad's concerns, Megan had to come clean about the tattoo. She revealed that her tattoo is a temporary tattoo but this was the most fun she's had pranking Spencer. Her dad was relieved to say the least.

How did people react to your tattoo when you showed them?

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