Megan Shows Her True Colors at NASCAR

Megan told Spencer how proud she was of herself for finally wearing her new extensions in public at a NASCAR race. She said it was weird wearing fake hair and she was nervous that she would look like a hot mess.

Our friend called us and said she's experienced something similar, when she wore false lashes for the first time. She felt like they were going to fly off and kept asking her girlfriends to check her lashes to make sure they weren't falling off.

Spencer said although this is relatable - there is something even more interesting about this situation. He said that of all the places Megan goes, and all of the nice events that Meg dresses up for why would she choose NASCAR to look her best with extensions?

I guess Megan values NASCAR as a classy event. Probably because although Megan has many feminine traits she also has several masculine traits, such as her love for wrenching as a mechanic for the Army.

Tell us which traits you have that are typically seen as those from the opposite gender.

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