I Was Overlooked For a Job Because I Had Too Much Experience?

Spencer's friend encountered an experience that he had to tell Megan about.

Spencer said his friend said he had applied for a new job and had made it past 3 interviews - he thought he had this position in the bag.

At the end of the hiring process, the employer told our friend that he was overqualified so was not going to be given the job. Our friend was obviously upset because he figured he would be a good candidate because of his experience.

So Spencer asked Megan if this had ever happened to her, and surprisingly it had.

Megan said that she was trying to secure a position at a pancake house when she was 17, when the company harassed her into tears to then bring her into the office to let her know that they felt like her emotional response was probably due to her being pregnant and she needed to find another job.

Megan was so stunned by this accusation, and that they weren't giving her the job because of this reason.

When have you been denyed for a job for a laughable reason?

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