There's Only One Reason We Can't Ditch Our Phones

Spencer finally tried to take a break from his phone, and it backfired.

He was meeting his girlfriend at a jazz club when he realized she still had his phone from dinner. They drove separate so he didn't know where they were going. He tried to wing it and ended up having to just find his girlfriend's car to get his phone back and turn on GPS.

Megan always has to use her GPS. She said that she is horrible at navigating and she needs it, even when she's gone to places more than once.

We asked our friends who uses their GPS everyday to go to places they travel every day, like work or going home.

Our friends said they each use Waze not for navigation per say, but so that they can see speed traps, accidents and potential new routes.

Do you rely on GPS too much? Would you be able to live without it?

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