Parent Crashes Homecoming and Fights Student

A parent showed up to his sons homecoming, drunk and helped his son in a fist fight.

As unusual as this is, for many of us homecoming isn't what it used to be.

Spencer and Megan reminisce on their homecoming experiences compared to today's.

Spencer said they never did big homecoming 'proposals' where they went above and beyond to ask their dates to go.

Megan on the other hand said that they did go all out. She said she was the junior class homecoming princess, and the requirements were to rent a limo for the parade and have multiple dresses for the assembly and the football game to be introduced during halftime. Meg said that she was asked to a dance with glow in the dark stars on a large wall spelling out 'prom?'

In today's day, homecoming is even bigger than it was when Megan and Spencer were in school. Creative ways of asking, girls asking the guys and flowers, photographers - the whole 9.

What was your homecoming like compared to your child's?

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