Meg and Mike Try to Avoid the #1 Relationship Killer

Megan and her boyfriend had their first disagreement last night.

Megan said that social media and trust were the culprit.

A girl who had been trying to slide into her boyfriend's dms ended up sending Mike a photo of herself with her new tattoo, and Mike blocked her. He said that he thought that this woman was looking for an in to a conversation with him and knowing that she used to have feelings for him he went ahead and avoided the issue all together.

Megan was happy that he did that however she said that she wishes that he would have told her about it when it happened instead of keeping it to himself.

Megan explained that her previous boyfriends had been very dishonest, so she started feeling like maybe there was more that Mike hasn't told her.

Luckily they were able to figure things out and have a very open and honest conversation about why Meg felt the way she does, and how small things can feel really big when you lug around the prior baggage that bad relationships have left you with.

We want you to weigh in on this situation. Is it ridiculous or is Meg justified?

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