Detoxing From the Social Media Diet

More celebrities are choosing to take a break from social media, a social detox.

Spencer and Megan said that they wish they could take an extensive break at times, but with their careers it's really not an option. Megan said that she does take a break during the weekends, she will put down her phone and focus on being mindful, and present in the moment.

We were shocked when we heard our friends have never had social media.

Angie said that her and her husband have never had any sort of social media, but they have considered Facebook for marketplace.

Another friend said that he feels like anyone who wants to talk to him can call him up and have a meaningful conversation.

Megan has an old LG sidekick and is really tempted to throw in a sims card and go back to the old school 'flip phone'.

We want to know if you've taken a social detox!

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