Megan is Worried About Her Dentist Appointment

We're just going to be honest, we lie to the dentist.

Megan Terry has a dentist appointment today, with a new dentist.

It's been a year since she's had a non-military dentist so she's worried about what the new dentist may see.

Megan says it's a well-known idea in the military community that the dentists are typically not the best quality. She refused to have the military dentists do any corrective work.

So now that she's seeing a new, civilian dentist she's worried. She really likes her new dentist, they are so nice, the office is beautiful, and she doesn't want them to know she hasn't seen a normal dentist in a year.

She filled out the medical history questionnaire, and Megan admits that she wasn't completely honest.

She says she marked that she flosses every day, but the reality is she flosses maybe three times a week.

Who else lies at the dentist or medical questionnaires? Let us know what happened!

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