Would You Choose Love Over a Dream?

A friend of ours left us an interesting message that Spencer thought Megan should see.

Our friend's passion is to join the military, and after almost losing that opportunity by dropping out of basic training he had the chance to go back and try again.

Of course this opportunity was exciting to him, but there is one thing standing in his way. His girlfriend.

His girlfriend who he loves doesn't want him to go back to basic. He loves his girlfriend, so he's conflicted.

As Spencer is reading this story to Megan to ask what she thinks about it, Megan just started laughing and shaking her head.

Megan says that this is a ridiculous situation. Besides the fact that our friend dropped out of basic, the fact that he's willing to go through basic training again and his girlfriend is standing in the way is mind boggling.

Megan told our friend that the unfortunate reality is that his girlfriend will more than likely cheat on him during training with a guy named Jodie, so he might as well just go on and achieve his dream.

Spencer asked further, would Megan pass on her dreams for a relationship - Megan said no.

What about you? Would you pass up an opportunity to achieve your dreams for a relationship?

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