What Would You Do if You Found $4,000 in Costco

Would you return money if you found it?

After a Costco employee found thousands of dollars in an envelope and returned it. Costco rewarded the employee with employee of the month.

This made us think about how we could test our sister station's integrity since both members of the neighboring studio are competing for employee of the month. Our EOTM award is very sought after and people have been campaigning to win.

To see who would be the best canidate, Spencer Graves and Megan Terry planted a $1 bill in the lobby, crumpled up.

The goal is to see if our neighbors will pocket the dollar or try to find the owner. Whichever one tries to return the dollar will receive our vote for employee of the month.

When have you found money? Did you keep it or return it?

@itsmeganterry @mrspencergraves @spencergravesshow

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