Megan Did Not Expect This To Make Spencer's Friends Uncomfortable

Men and women have different ideas of what makes them uncomfortable.

Spencer's friend told him that when he goes to the gym he showers with swim trunks on.

This threw Spencer off, and his friend was shocked when Spencer said he showers naked at the gym.

His friend said that he can't imagine showering naked in case someone opens up the curtain my mistake.

This got Spencer and Megan talking about other interesting things - Spencer said that he has friends that will sleep on the floor on fishing trips so that they don't have to share a bed with other men.

Megan couldn't believe this. She said that girls typically all pile into one bed and make it into a slumberparty. She also said that in the military its common for guys to sleep next to eachother in the field.

What makes you or your friends unusually uncomfortable?

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