Another Mugshot Added to the Country Mug Collection

We've seen some pretty good mugshots over the years from the country music community. From Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Randy Travis - to the iconic Same Hunt and Morgan Wallen.

As of last night, we've got another mugshot to add to our collection.

Zach Lane Bryan was arrested last night. He got rowdy while at a place where police where already handling something. He did say he appre

Megas law says she d and should have acted diffeoesn't. want to glorify crime, but the truth of the matter is if someone has a good-looking mugshot it increases the hot factor by at least 3 points.

Spencer said that as far as women go, this is sometimes the same thing.

A little bit of crazy can be...well kind of attractive.

So who has the best mugshot? Let us know what you think!

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