What Our Parents Lied About and We Genuinely Believed

Spencer's nephew called us this morning with a very important question. He asked if Spencer was the one preforming the songs we play each morning.

Megan said that although Spencer isn't the one performing on the air, he does belt out the songs each morning.

Spencer said as a child, he also thought that the artists singing on the radio were actually in the studio.

This got us thinking about the things we believed as children.

Spencer said his mom said that if he was bad the gypsies would come and take him.

Megan said that her mom said that if you sit too close to the TV you would get 'bug eyes' and she believed this so whole heartedly that she told another kid that's why their eyes were bulging.

Spencer and Megan have a shared lie from their parents that they each believed - that turning the cab lights on in the vehicle was illegal and would get you pulled over.

What lies did you believe as a child? Let us know!

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