Employee of the Month Parking Spaces Continue to Cause Riff

Our employee of the month conflicts are growing faster than they unfolded on the sitcom, The Office.

Previously we had an employee who was not EOTM who was parking in the EOTM parking space.

Now that same employee is campaigning for peoples votes so that he can have that spot back.

This situation has escalated where the campaigner has photos of their cute dog posted all over the office saying 'vote for my dad for employee of the month'.

We have created a magnet to stick to any car in violation.

Parking spaces are always causing problems, and not just for us.

Our friend JD says he gets upset when abled bodied people park close to establishments while elderly or disabled people have to then park further away.

Megan says she has been harassed for the one time she parked in a 'veterans only' parking space at the home improvement store. She was alone and picking up a large load so she figured maybe just this once she would utilize the space. She was then approached by someone who didn't know that Meg actually is a veteran and they accused her of essentially stolen valor.

Spencer and Megan both agree that there should be parking spaces for expecting mothers and if you are able to walk further you should avoid using the front spaces.

What do you think about this? Let us know!

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