Sneezing Fits Are Taking Over During the 'Sneezin' Season'

Sneezing is an annoying function we all have to just deal with, especially in allergy season.

Spencer sneezes twice, consistently. This conversation couldn't have happened at a better time. One of our co-workers started having a sneezing fit and had to excuse herself from the room. She said that she'll sneeze non-stop, at least 15 times and her whole family suffers from this same thing.

Our friend Cherie has the same problem. She sneezes 10-15 times when she starts sneezing. She says she just can't stop. She sometimes will wet her pants because she can't stop sneezing so she always has a change of clothes with her.

Do you sneeze once and your done, or are you apart of this sneezing fit crew?

Let us know!

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