Megan Hopes to Swipe For Friends

Megan is starting to feel the harsh reality of moving to a new town and not having any friends.

She took the initiative of creating a bumble bff profile hoping to meet other girls who are looking to make friendships.

The app is similar to the dating app but instead of swiping for dates Megan is swiping for girl friends.

Although she is slightly embarrassed about having the profile she is hoping to meet some nice girls in the area who would be a good friend.

Spencer had never heard of this and he wanted to look over her profile.

He thought it was funny because Meg told him she hoped she didn't meet any 'boyfriend stealers' on the app so she would really like to meet some girls who are in a committed relationship.

Spencer shared that he can really relate to Meg's friend struggle in a new town. He has also experienced this before. Spencer makes friends easily but he said at first it's always hard.

If you have advice for Megan to make new friends in a new town, let us know!

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