Spencer Has to Sleep in Guest Room After Bed is Taken Over

Spencer spent the night sleeping in the guest room.

No there wasn't a fight with his girlfriend, no his APAP machine wasn't being too loud.

It's something even more unusual- his dogs took over the bed.

Zues and Thor, Spencer's 70lbs Pitbull's wanted to cuddle so badly last night that they refused to stay off of the bed.

Spencer decided since his dogs and girlfriend were comfy, sleeping in bed he would just go sleep in the guest room.

He said the AC felt good in the guest room and it was kind of nice to sleep in there.

Megan said that she can totally relate. Meg said she does that sometimes if she can't sleep and it helps. She also shared that she doesn't always sleep on the same side of the bed though and Spencer thought that was even more bizarre than letting the dogs take over his space.

Do you ever sleep in different places in your house? Let us know!

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