Spencer Graves Has Altercation with Criminal in the Street

Spencer stopped a crime in his neighborhood and Megan could not fathom what happened.

A suspicious man was lingering on Spencer's street, so much so that Spencer's dog Zues was growling and acting defensive.

Spencer stepped out of his house and the man got out of the car and put his hood up.

Spencer tried to talk to the man, asking whats going on then after no answer he said good morning to him.

From where the mans car was parked, the man was walking down the street 6+ houses down.

Spencer called the police and they arrived quickly. After Spencer pointed the police in the right direction, he saw the man take off in a sprint. He chased the man down, tackled him and waited for police to catch up.

Megan was completely stunned and jealous that Spencer had an opportunity to stop a crime. Spencer saved the day and stopped this man from breaking into more of his neighbors' cars.

When did you stop or report a crime?

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