Megan Eats Before, What?

Our friend JT came by and talked to Spencer and Megan about how great football gatherings are because of all the appetizers.

Spencer asked how much of his dip he should make for a gathering if its his favorite so that he can also enjoy it in case it all gets eaten.

JT and Spencer were not prepared for what Megan said next.

Meg said that it shouldn't be an issue because you should eat before going to someone's house.

The guys were stunned and said that's crazy. If you're invited to a get together where food is served, you should come hungry.

Meg explained that its just proper manners. Eat a little something before you go to someone's home.

Now we're looking for your opinion, Spencer and JT have never heard of this and Megan now is wondering why she grew up with this kind of idea if no one else did.

Is this a real thing? We want to hear what you think!

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