Spencer Tricked into a Sip of His Addiction

Spencer had a scare while eating hibachi that may have caused a soda relapse.

He ordered a water instead of going for his normal Mountain Dew order. Spencer has been 14 days free of Mountain Dew.

The ultimate test came when the waiter brought around a pitcher of what looked like water to refill all of the water glasses.

Spencer had his glass refilled, took a sip and his stomach dropped. It wasn't water, it was Sprite.

He put the glass down and asked the waiter for water instead which then led him to explain that he is working to stick to his lifestyle change and not drink any soda.

He hasn't had more than this one accidental sip, but he can't shake that it happened.

Do you think that Spencer needs to restart his progress, or does his 14 days still count seeing as this was out of his control?

Let us know!

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