Spencer's High School Says American Flag Controversy isn't what it Seems

Spencer called his alma mater to see what the school had to say about the American flag being a distraction to students.

We spoke to Kristen who is the Coordinator of Strategic Communications of Staunton High School.

Kristen says that the issue was never the American flag itself. In the High School's contract there is a policy that no large flags will be flown from the back of vehicles because it is a safety distraction. She says that the parking lots are small and they want students to be able to see where they are driving and parking.

Kristen feels like there is miscommunication about the size of 'large flags' being flown.

In regard to the protest regarding not being allowed to wear American flag on clothing Kristen told us that this is miscommunication.

The principal, Darcy Parker held an annual assembly about the code of conduct. During the assembly, the principal stated that they cannot wear a flag as a blanket during school.

Promotion of patriotism policy is present in Bedford County.

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