Spencer Says Smoking in High School is Normal

High school is always changing and it makes us feel old.

Spencer graduated high school in 2001, Megan graduated in 2015.

Spencer told Megan that when he went to high school, there was a designated smoking area and it was legal to have your hunting rifle in the back window of a truck if you're going hunting before/after school.

This shocked Megan because when she was in high school smoking was not allowed.

Megan then surprised Spencer with the biggest change that she saw in high schools from when she was an Army Recruiter.

Megan said that when she was in school, the dress code was strict and she found out the hard way after violating the dress code.

Meg says that now, many high schools do not have a dress code.

The clothing that used to be a violation now doesn't matter.

What has changed since you've been in high school?

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