Roadkill on the Table for Supper Stuns Spencer Graves Show

Saving money takes a new meaning after a couple decides to find roadkill for dinner.

Our buddy Steve-O says that he was riding in the car with his friend when he spotted a freshly killed animal in the winter. He stopped and picked up the roadkill since it was in the snow. He took the roadkill to work and prepared it for dinner.

Other money saving tips include foraging for dandelions and wild berries.

Although finding berries makes Spencer and Megan nervous because our parents always said they were poisonous - Megan shared that she is going to try frying up some dandelions.

The health benefits are supposed to be incredible.

Spencer now says that Megan is one step away from finding her own roadkill on the side of the road and bringing it in for lunch.

Would you forage for natural food or consider roadkill for dinner?

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