Megan Comes Clean About Getting a Matching Tattoo

Matching tattoos are taboo, but that didn't stop Megan Terry from getting one with her ex-boyfriend. She says she doesn't regret it, and she hasn't shared this with any of her boyfriends after that ex.

Megan got a flower tattoo she wanted and then proceeded to get it with her (previous) boyfriend while they were dating.

She said that she had always wanted to get a matching tattoo while she was in love.

This may sound alarming to some people - permanently marking your body and forever linking yourself to another person.

As alarming as it could seem, many people do it.

Our friend gets a matching tattoo with anyone who's down to book an appointment.

Another man is covered in tattoos from random people he meets because he feels it's meaningful.

Let us know about your matching tattoos!

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