We Found a Woman with a Foot Fetish- Yes They Exist

We have found a woman who has a foot fetish.

After some realization, Spencer and Megan realized they hadn't ever heard of a woman who had a foot fetish.

We've heard the wild stories about men who had the fetish but never a woman.

This obviously led the Spencer Graves Show down a rabbit hole of trying to find out if any women had this popular fetish.

Our friend Scotty told us that he had experienced a woman with a foot fetish, firsthand.

He had started dating a woman who right away revealed this fetish.

She set up a romantic date with a bathtub and insisted on 'meticulously cleaning' his feet before going in on each of his toes.

Scotty said that he actually really liked her and it didn't bother him. He ended up dating her for 8 months.

Let us know what you think.

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