Megan Got Caught Trying to Hide Spencer's Gift in Masterplan

There is something so exciting to Megan about getting someone a thoughtful gift.

Megan says that sometimes she struggles to get gifts for people because she feels like sometimes what she thinks someone will find a cool, maybe isn't to them.

She has to buy the gifts when the idea comes to mind, so when she found her dad & Spencer's gift she jumped right on it and got them each one.

Meg was excited and decided to tell Spencer that she got her dad a gift to get it off of her chest so she could talk about it indirectly but not tell Spence that she had got him a gift.

Megan felt like she got a win by talking about it, indirectly without giving it away.

That was until Spencer tried to get Megan to share what the gift was this morning and Megan had to finally tell him what was actually going on.

Why is it so hard not to spill a secret?

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