Am I The Karen?

Our friend asked Megan if she was 'a Karen' for her recent Walmart explosion.

After waiting in the long Walmart line for what seemed like an eternity, our friend noticed that the reason the line was taking so long was because of the employees socializing instead of working.

This was irritating because our friend had just gotten off of a long day of work and she just needed to pick up a few items before she could go home to relax.

She confronted the workers asking if they could maybe open another register to get this show on the road.

Her adult children were mortified by her Karen-esque behavior.

Megan said she fully supports our friend's reaction and that is is NOT Karen behavior.

Megan explained that she has also experienced this level of frustration, saying that if she was in line she would be grateful for our friend dealing with it for everyone else.

Do you think our friend was a Karen?

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