What Do You Wear as a Wedding Guest When You Don't Know Anyone

Attending a wedding as a plus one, when you don’t know anyone can be daunting even for the most experienced socialite.

What to wear gets even more difficult. Luckily there was a dress code sent out for Megan as she tried to choose an outfit for her boyfriend's best friend's upcoming wedding.

Cocktail Attire.

Seems easy enough, right?

Megan had no issue dressing her boyfriend. She picked out a neutral linen suit for him from Banana Republic with a white button up, no tie.

But when Meg started looking at what she wanted to wear she faced the too familiar dilemma.

No black. No white. Not too short. Conservative enough. The list of requirements to avoid a major disaster are endless.

Megan decided to go with a pink satin, lightly floral printed midi dress. When it arrived, it was a ‘hotter’ pink than she expected.

She’s going to go ahead and wear it, and hope for the best. It’s difficult when you don’t know the bride and groom.

Is upstaging the bride or groom still a thing? Who do you know that’s done this or experienced this?

Megan figured this was an old concept that isn’t really a thing anymore and now she's worried.

Weigh in on what you think about the dress, no-go or okay-go.

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