Spencer Quits His Addiction, Cold Turkey

Spencer is 4 days into cutting his addiction cold turkey.

Spencer is quitting Mountain Dew for good.

Spencer has been drinking the Dew for over 20 years, sometimes drinking 6 large sodas in one sitting.

He feels like the sugar is bogging him down and making him feel terrible. He likes the caffeine but hates everything else at this point.

He’s starting his 100 day challenge, free from Mountain Dew.

So far the most difficult part of his journey is getting out of the routine of buying the drink when he gets gas or goes out to eat.

Many people have suggested him making the switch to Propel Water.

Megan says this could be a good tempor

If you’ve s, however she warns about trading one additruggled with any. Meg is trying to get Spencer to make #watertok drinks at home instead so he can experience some caffeine and different flavors without spending money at each gas station stop. She said a good comfort water bottle will help too. kind of addiction or would like to send Spencer some words of encouragement, we want to hear from you.

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