Oh, To Be Wrong-Handed

It’s no secret that left-handed people do things differently.

For lefties, there is a strange fascination from right handed individuals.

Megan is a lefty and she explains that in learning, certain tasks were more difficult to master because she was taught to do tasks with a non-dominate hand.

Using hand held can openers, scissors or learning how to use a zipper.

Megan explains that she had to play golf for some army team building activities, and she had to purchase her own set. She couldn’t just borrow clubs because she’s left handed.

Eating can be uncomfortable but it’s just a part of the lefty-norm.

Spencer said that because his dad is left-handed, he's much more considerate of lefties when he goes out to eat. He even insists that anyone in an uncomfortable seating arrangement switches seats with him when he realizes they are left-handed.

Are you a lefty? Maybe you’re fascinated with the wrong-handed crowd. Let us know.

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