Barbie Movie Brawl When Mother Demands To Have Couples Reserved Seats

A mom who took her daughter to see the barbie movie freaked out on a couple in the theater.

The mom purchased last minute tickets and the only available seats where separated on opposite ends of the theater. The mom then proceeded to ask a couple who was sitting in the middle to switch seats with her and her daughter.

The man she asked said no,and told her she should’ve purchased tickets earlier or have gone to another showing.

The woman blew up on this guy. Yelling at him that he was in the wrong.

A friend of the show said he thinks that the mom was absol

Was in the right, he said that a mother and child should be able to sit togetthe. He does think however that the mom's reaction was poorly handled. guy in the right or wrong? What about the mom? Let us know what you think.

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