I Slept with My Kids Teacher

Meet the teacher took an unexpected turn when a man walked in with his wife and child and recognized his child’s teacher. Here’s what he said.

Yesterday, was “meet the teachers” day at my son’s new middle school. It turns out, I’d already met one of them. While with my wife and son, Ms. Tepe entered the room and introduced herself. It was clear to my wife that we’d met before. What my wife doesn’t know is that Ms. Tepe was my college booty call for about eight months. There was nothing serious…unless you count serious sex four-or-five times a month. We hadn’t spoken or seen each other in close to a decade. Now, talk about awkward. My wife’s asking lots of questions. How much of this do I share with her? 

Spencer said that Elliot should tell his wife what happened, Megan on the other hand isn’t so sure. Megan said that although she would want to know, and would be mad if she didn’t know she thinks maybe this is a conversation that could benefit to wait.

She said the thought of having his woman teaching her kid everyday would be too much to know seeing as Elliot kept Ms. Tepe as a booty call for 8 months. She thinks she would rather it come out later as a joke after her kid is out of that school.

What should he do? What would you do?

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