Digging Up Graves For a Zoo Exhibit

The Birmingham Zoo has an exciting new addition to be built, but the land it’s being built on made Megan stop and do some deeper digging into the story.

The new cougar exhibit Cougar Crossing is something to celebrate for the Bham Zoo. The only problem is the land that it’s planned to be built on is a massive gravesite. More than 4,700 unmarked graves from the 1800’s to early 1900s are buried here. This is said to be the resting place for some of Birmingham’s poorest residents.

Zoo officials have applied for a permit to dig up the graves and relocate them from the Alabama Historical Commission.

Spencer is a skeptic, and Megan is all about the possibility of a haunted site for this cougar exhibit.

Megan says it’s just never a good idea to build over massive grave sites. Disrupting graves and relocating bodies is a recipe for spiritual distress. But Megan did say that it will make for a good Halloween Exhibit.

What do you think about this?

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