Spencer's Chinese Food Life Hack

Spencer revealed his Chinese food routine, and it had Megan confused. But he says this life hack is crucial to the best bite and meal.

Spencer gets Chinese takeout, and orders fried rice and chicken. Normal enough, right?

It's his process after that is...unreal.

Spencer carefully layers his Yum Yum sauce first in a separate bowl, then adds rice and continues this until each layer of rice has an even distribution of sauce to rice.

Megan acknowledged the greatness of having the perfect bite, but she was stunned at how long this process takes. Instead of eating the Chinese right out of the box like she does, he carefully plans his eating ritual and Spencer said he hates to eat out of Styrofoam.

Spencer went on and explained this isn't the only eating routine he frequently practices. He does something similar with movie theater popcorn and with salad.

Spencer sees this life hack as an absolute must in his life.

Tell us about your life hacks.

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