Megan's Hair Stylist Confessional

Have you ever had a DIY hair project go wrong?

Megan recently did something that made her terrified to tell her stylist.

Megan has been blonde for almost a year now, and since her natural hair color is almost black, going blonde was a long going commitment.

She just had her hair-colored blonde and her stylist took hours to treat her hair and give her a stellar blonde look. People have been commenting on how beautiful the blonde looks but Megan couldn't stop thinking about going black.

Since box dye is a stylists worst nightmare, Megan did not want to come clean and confess her DIY hair project. She didn't want to lose her new stylist or confess to using the dreaded box dye.

We broke the news to her stylist this morning.

Tell us what you have done to your hair, we want to know!

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