Large Snake Escaped - Leads to Snake-Hunt

A wild animal took police on a snake-hunt when a 10ft python was discovered.

The snake escaped its enclosure, and authorities had to try to capture it.

We want to know what kind of wild animals you've encountered.

Megan has had a bat in her house, and birds that have come in from the fireplace.

Spencer's dad found a snake in their basement and was so startled he jumped through fresh dry wall that was just put up.

Cathy said her husband thought he saw a weasel in their home, so he threw a towel over it. Turns out it was a skunk! Needless to say he reeked for days - a tomato juice bath couldn't even get it out.

Brittany said she came home one night and found a billy goat standing in the dark, in the laundry room. It looked like a monster and she thought she was in danger! They ended up keeping the goat as an addition to their farm.

What kind of animals have you encountered in your home?

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