Billy Goat On The Run Makes Friend In Birmingham

The Birmingham billy goat that managed to evade all attempts to be caught, was finally caught thanks to a local woman who used her experience to befriend the billy goat.

Tricia told 102.5 The Bull this morning that when she saw the goat, it put it’s head down as if it was going to ram it’s head into her. She followed her instincts and reached her hand out to scratch its head in between it’s horns and just like that, she made a goat friend!

Tricia said when she was in the 6th grade, she had a little goat who loved being scratched in between the horns. When she saw the billy goat that was on the run, scratching its head is just what the goat wanted.

A goat friend and a heart-warming story. We’re glad the billy goat is safe!

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