Meg and her Spanish Cat

Today on the Spencer Graves Show, Spencer told a story about a neighbor v. neighbor feud that all started over a Cat.

The Cat's owner made claims that the neighbor was keeping the Cat at his house, in his yard so that the Cat wouldn't come home going as far as to calling the neighbor a cat cervert.

This provoked the accused neighbor, who said that cats can't understand English, so he can't just tell the cat to go home.

This funny story was took a serious turn when Megan Terry on the Spencer Graves Show sat up, making claims that cats actually are capable in learning languages similarly to dogs. Megan says that her cat understands her, as her dogs do. Now this was an interesting point, however what she said next is really what had the show confused.

Megan speaks Spanish, and she shared that her pets understand Spanish because she uses Spanish commands with them!

Spanish speaking cats, who knew.

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